McGee Consulting Associates, Inc.
A Construction Consulting Firm


McGee Consulting Associates, Inc. provides Construction Management and Administration services including detailed Coordination, Scheduling, Delay Analysis and Dispute Resolution.


We assist clients in the creation of both preliminary and detailed scopes of work and schedules, which effectively communicate the project's progress to Owners, Architects, Contractors and other Engineers.


Based upon the complexity of Construction Projects there are numerous tools of Construction Management that can provide the functions of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the project.


All profitable construction projects, from a complex nuclear power plant to a simple house, depends upon effective implementation of applicable and proper construction tools. We have diverse construction backgrounds in all phases of construction. We are able to assist each specific project and client with recommendations for proper implementation of construction management including:

  • Project Facilitation
  • Preconstruction Planning
  • Partnering
  • Construction Review
  • Project Scheduling (CPM and Precedence Manual and Computerized)
  • Change Order Analysis
  • Estimating and Cost Review
  • Team Building
  • Organization Review
  • Procedure Analysis
  • Communication Changes
  • Value Engineering


Project Scheduling

Recognizing that project documents can be extensive and come from many sources, and in many formats, McGee Consulting Associates, Inc. has developed procedures to ensure that each project file is placed in a secured site, organized and available at any time to the Owner, Architect, Engineer and / or Contractor.


From the Design phase through Preconstruction, Construction and Project Close-out, McGee Consulting Associates, Inc. specializes in the development, maintenance and analysis of project schedules.


Delay Analysis and Critical Path Method (CPM)

McGee Consulting Associates, Inc. is well versed in the analysis of delays and the impact to projects. Understanding that time is money, and usually lots of money, McGee Consulting Associates Inc.'s expertise in estimating and project management provides a sound foundation for preparing detailed cost and time impact analysis.


In many construction projects, unanticipated delays create additional costs to project participants and postpone the project's completion date. The impact of these delays are not only felt by the Owner, but also the Contractors, Subcontractors, Architect and others involved with the project. By properly analyzing the delays and their related events and activities, the results can be illustrated by the use of scheduling techniques. Multifaceted delays and disruptions to a construction project can be illustrated to prove the cause, and the resulting impact on the project.


Proper execution of construction management, streamlined to a specific project can decrease the duration and increase the profit. Such management implementation provides both the Contractor and Owner with a successful project.

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